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This project was created for Mirabelles Des Voges, in France. My sister-in-law and her husband own a small farm in Vosges, France. They grow Mirabelles for juice, liquor, preserves, and more. They sell their products around the region they live in and throughout the country. My goal was to try and help with some of their imagery for their products. They were using their iPhone to take pictures for social media. So, I utilized my skills to help them create a more bright and attractive look to their products.


I found accurate dimensions for the bottle that they use. I was able to quickly model up the bottle, cap, and label. My sister-in-law supplied the label design for the actual bottles. I then created materials for the bottle, label and cap. The cap and label were pretty simple to get right. However, I really wanted the bottle to look refreshing.

In Blender, I created a BSDF glass material that had an adjustable roughness map. This gave the bottle the foggy condensation. Next, I created a bump map for the drips down the glass. I found a really nice rain down a window texture online for free. After that, I created a hair particle system and replaced the default hair particles with a handful of quickly made droplets.

The liquid in the bottle was just a duplicate of the inner part of the bottle. I closed the holes and create the material. I used Blender’s BSDF material with subsurface scattering and also combined a volume shader.


I like to create my own assets when I can. When I can’t, I use free models. In this case, for the bread, I found a 3D scan. It worked wonderfully. Hand modeling the mesh basket was a breeze, utilizing extruded splines. The fabric was made in Marvelous designer and pinned down so the bread wouldn’t pass through the mesh.

Ice cubes are very simple to make. I utilized my own glass material for this. Within each cube there are bubbles and a variable textured surface. I wanted to make sure they didn’t just look like default cubes. So, I deformed each one to be slightly different.

Mirabelles des Vosges

The mirabelles were quit fun. They were formed from a sphere and sculpted down to their shape. The BSDF shader included a custom painted skin, a variable subsurface mapped texture, and a subtle bloom look like you would see on grapes. I putt a few water particles on them to make them look refreshing as well.

The leaves were treated similar to the fruit. I found a plum leaf online and created a roughness map, bump map, and a subsurface map. I think they look pretty great for a free online texture I found on google.


I treated lighting like a real photoshoot. Instead of using default Blender lights, I chose to use planes with emission shaders. The light, I feel, is easier to control at times. I did however, create a couple open boxes with light emitting only from the inner face shining towards its opening. This created a great fixture. Using planes I can quickly create white reflectors and black absorbers. Just like the cards you would use in photography. I setup an HDRI and the backdrop. See below for an overhead view of the setup created to render these images out.

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